Reservation, Deposit, Cancellation, and Change Fees / 予約・デポジット・取消料及び変更料について

◾️Regarding Deposit Handling
1.This tour is designed for participation in Eroica Japan 2024.
2.By making the deposit payment, you secure a provisional reservation for this tour and guarantee your registration for Eroica Japan 2024.
3.Due to the nature of Eroica, once you have completed your application and made the deposit payment, refunds are not possible, regardless of the cancellation date.
※However, if you have paid the deposit and choose not to use this tour but instead participate in Eroica Japan 2024 independently, the deposit can be used as registration assurance.
※Please note: The mandatory requirement for registration included in the package price is that each participant must register themselves on the MyEroica website. This registration is essential.
※ご注意:パッケージ料金に含まれる登録のための必須条件は、各参加者が MyEroica Webサイトでご自身で登録を行う必要があります。この登録は必須です。

◾️Reservation and Application Procedure
1.Start by requesting information through our inquiry form.
(1) Please fill out the necessary details and make an inquiry for a quotation through our website’s inquiry form.

※Please provide the full names of all participants.
※Discounts for accompanying guests (including hotel accommodations) will be calculated based on the choices made in the inquiry form.
※Ensure that the names match your passport exactly. Pay special attention to any differences between your maiden name and current name, as even minor discrepancies can affect your reservation.

(2) Based on your reservation details, we will send you a “quotation” to your registered email.
※We will send you a “quotation” within two weeks of your inquiry.
※If you do not receive the “quotation” even after two weeks, please do not hesitate to contact us again. (There might be a possibility of email error.)

2.Please review the “quotation” and then proceed to register for the “Travel Participation Application.”
(3) After reviewing the “quotation,” if you wish to make a reservation, please click on the link provided in the “quotation” email and complete the necessary information in the “Travel Participation Application.”
※Registering for the “Travel Participation Application” constitutes a provisional reservation and guarantees your registration for Eroica Japan 2024.
※If you make a deposit at the Eroica Japan booth inside Casa Eroica during L’Eroica, your tour will be provisionally reserved, irrespective of the selected plan, and your registration for Eroica Japan 2024 will be guaranteed.

(4) Based on the “Travel Participation Application,” we will send you the “Reservation Confirmation” to your registered email.

3.Please review the “Reservation Confirmation” and proceed to make the payment for the deposit or the full travel amount.
(5) After reviewing the “Reservation Confirmation,” please make the payment for the deposit or the full travel amount within 10 days by clicking the link provided in the “Reservation Confirmation” email.
Deposit: €500 per person
※If you pay the deposit at the Casa Eroica booth inside Casa Eroica during the L’Eroica period, it is €100 per person.
※The travel contract is considered established once the deposit or full travel payment, along with the deposit, is accepted and confirmed by our company. Please be aware that changes or cancellations made after this point are subject to the following provisions. Additionally, the deposit will be allocated as part of the travel cost.
※If 10 days or more have passed after the “Booking Confirmation” has been sent and the deposit or full travel payment has not been confirmed, the reservation may be considered invalid.
※Payment of the deposit or full travel amount should be made by clicking on the link provided in the “Booking Confirmation” email from our company and using online payment (PayPal).
※It is possible to make a payment in the name of the representative. However, if payment is made under a name other than the one registered, please contact us via email.
※Once your payment has been confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent from our company.
※If there are participants under the age of 20, please submit a “Guardian Consent Form.”

4.Payment of the Remaining Balance
(6)For customers who have paid the booking deposit or deposit only: Please confirm the remaining amount by the date specified in the “Booking Confirmation” and click the link provided in the “Booking Confirmation” email to make the payment via online payment (PayPal).
※ Normally, we do not send invoices for the remaining balance.
※ The receipt email issued by PayPal serves as the receipt.
※ Confirmation of your payment will be sent by us once it is verified on our end.

5.Please check your email for the final information message.
(7) We will send you the final information documents, which include details about the departure schedule, meeting location, transportation options, and accommodations, via email between 2 weeks and 7 days before the departure date.
※ If your tour booking is made close to the departure date, the final information documents will be sent to you no later than the day before departure.
※ We will send these documents as soon as we have received your payment and confirmed it.

(1) 本サイトの問い合わせフォームから、必要事項を選択し、ご記入の上、見積もりお問い合わせをしてください。

(2) ご予約内容に基づいて、登録メールに「見積書」を送信いたします。

(3) 「見積書」の内容をご確認いただいた後、予約をご希望の場合は、「見積書」メール内に記載されたリンクをクリックし、「旅行参加申込」に必要事項をご登録ください。

(4) 「旅行参加申込」に基づいて、「予約確認書」を登録メールに送信いたします。




◾️Cancellation and Change Fees:

【Cancellation Fees for the Tour:ツアーに関わる取消料】

Cancellation fee
If canceled on or after the 40th day counting back from the day before the start of the trip (excluding cases listed in 2 to 6).
10% of the travel cost.


If canceled on or after the 14th day, counting backward from the day before the start of the trip(excluding cases listed in 3 to 6).
20% of the travel cost.

If canceled on or after the 7th day, counting backward from the day before the start of the trip(excluding cases listed in 4 to 6).

30% of the travel cost.

If canceled on or after the 3rd day, counting backward from the day before the start of the trip(excluding cases listed in 5 to 6).

40% of the travel cost.

If canceled on the day before the day of travel.
50% of the travel cost.

Cancellation on the Day of Departure
and Cancellation or No-Show After the Trip Has Started

100% of the travel cost.



Cancellation Fee
Change Fee
Up to 14 days before the start of the trip, counting from the day before the trip starts.
¥3,300 to ¥7,700 (varies based on the number of transactions).
Up to 14 days before the start of the trip, counting from the day before the trip starts.
¥3,300 per transaction.
From 13 days to 3 days prior to the start of the trip.
One night’s charge per hotel
From 13 days to 3 days prior to the start of the trip.
Cancellation handling (per night per hotel)
From 2 days before departure and after departure (including no-show)
For each hotel, for the entire duration of the stay
From 2 days before departure until after departure
Cancellation treatment (for all nights at each hotel)

※Please note that cancellation policies may vary depending on the hotel.

1. Cancellation and modification fees apply per hotel.
2. If you need to cancel or make changes to a voucher (such as hotel vouchers or transportation services) after issuance, in addition to the above fees, a voucher reissuance fee of 2,200 yen per hotel will be charged.
3. During peak seasons (such as year-end, New Year’s, holidays), convention periods, events, or other special circumstances, different cancellation and modification policies may apply, which could vary from the standard terms mentioned above.
4. The above “modification fee” applies only to changes in the guest’s name and room type (single, twin/double, triple).
5. If changes are made to an existing reservation, such as switching to a different hotel, changing the check-in date, reducing the length of stay, changing the room category (e.g., from superior to deluxe), or decreasing the number of rooms, all such changes will be treated as “cancellations.”
6. No refunds will be provided for cancellations or changes made after arrival at the destination. Additionally, if you are unable to stay due to flight cancellations, delays, or other transportation issues, it will be treated as a “no-show,” so please be aware of this policy.
7. Cancellation or modification fees are calculated from the day before the start of your trip. However, if that day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, the day before that will be applied. Please note that cancellations or modifications are only accepted during our business hours, excluding our company’s designated holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
1. 取消および変更料は、ホテル1件に対してかかります。
2. バウチャー(宿泊券、送迎サービスなど)の発行後にキャンセルや変更が必要な場合、上記の料金に加えて、バウチャーの再発行手数料として、各ホテルにつき2,200円をいただきます。
3. ピークシーズン(年末・年始、連休など)、コンベンション開催時期、イベント等、特別な場合においては、上記の規定と異なるキャンセル・変更規定が適用されることがあります。
4. 上記の「変更料」は、お名前の変更とお部屋タイプ(シングル、ツイン/ダブル、トリプル)の変更にのみ適用されます。
5. すでにご予約されているホテルから他のホテルへの変更、宿泊開始日の変更、宿泊期間の短縮、お部屋カテゴリ(スーペリア、デラックスなど)の変更、お部屋数の減少の場合、すべて「取消扱い」となります。
6. 現地到着後の取消しや変更に関わらず、返金は行いません。また、航空機やその他の交通機関のキャンセルや遅延などにより宿泊ができない場合でも、無連絡不参加として扱われますので、ご了承ください。
7. 取消しや変更の料金は、ご旅行開始日の前日から計算されます。ただし、該当日が土曜日、日曜日、または祝祭日の場合、その前日が適用されます。取消しや変更の受付は、弊社の定休日や土曜日、日曜日、祝祭日を除く営業時間内に限ります。

【Arrangement of Various Tickets, Shuttle Vehicle Arrangements, Guide and Assistant Arrangements各種チケット手配、送迎車両手配、ガイド・アシスタント手配】

Cancellation Fee
Change Fee
Train and bus tickets
Full amount
Train and bus tickets
Cancellation treatment
Various admission fees, etc.
Full amount
Various admission fees, etc.
Cancellation treatment
Transportation and guide/assistant
Full amount
Transportation and guide/assistant
Cancellation treatment

1. Tickets (such as train tickets, theater tickets, museum admission tickets, sports tickets, etc.) will be arranged for purchase after receiving your payment. Please note that any changes required after the purchase arrangement, such as changes in performance, time, date, etc., will be treated as “cancellations treatment.”
2. The price may include a service fee, or in some cases, additional fees may be clearly stated for separate purchases. Therefore, please be aware that the ticket price you pay may differ from the actual face value of the ticket.
3. Events such as theater performances and sports events may be subject to changes due to the organizer’s circumstances, adverse weather conditions, and other reasons, which may result in a different date or time from what you initially applied for. Please understand that our company cannot assume any responsibility for such changes caused by external factors. Additionally, in cases where customers are unable to arrive on time due to flight delays, traffic congestion, and other factors, our company cannot assume any responsibility, so please be aware of this.
4. While we will do our best to accommodate your seat preferences, it may not always be possible to provide seating exactly as requested. Please understand that we cannot guarantee specific seat assignments.
5. Requests for changes or cancellations will be accepted during our business hours, but please note that we do not accept such requests on our regular holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.
1. チケット(鉄道チケット、劇場チケット、美術館入場券、スポーツチケットなど)は、お客様のお支払いを受けてから購入手配を行います。購入手配後に、演目、時間、日付などの変更が必要な場合、それらは「取消扱い」として取り扱われますので、ご注意ください。
2. 料金には、手数料を含む場合と、別途手数料が明示されて販売される場合があります。そのため、お支払いいただくチケット代金とチケットの実際の券面額が異なる場合がございますので、ご了承ください。
3. 劇場やスポーツイベントなどは、主催者の都合や悪天候などの理由で、お申し込みいただいた日時と異なる場合がありますが、こうした外部要因による変更について、当社は一切の責任を負いかねます。また、飛行機の遅延、交通渋滞などにより、お客様が開催時間に間に合わない場合も、当社は一切の責任を負いかねますので、ご了承ください。
4. 座席の指定については、お客様の希望を最大限に考慮いたしますが、必ずしも希望通りにご案内できない場合があります。座席の確約はできないことをご理解いただきますようお願い申し上げます。
5. ご変更またはお取消しの受付は、当社の営業時間内で行われますが、定休日、土曜日、日曜日、祝日は受け付けておりません。

About Handling Fees取扱手数料について】
1 to 3 items: 3,300 yen
4 to 6 items: 5,500 yen
7 items or more: 7,700 yen
1件~3件:3,300円 4件~6件:5,500円 7件以上:7,700円

【Refund Policyご返金について】
1. Refunds will be issued via PayPal.
2. In the event of cancellation due to customer circumstances, any transfer fees associated with the refund will be the customer’s responsibility.
1. 返金については、PayPalから返金いたします。
2. お客様のご都合によるお取消しの場合、返金に伴う振込手数料はお客様のご負担とさせて頂きます。



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